The Perfect Egg

Is everyone else struggling to get back into work mode after the long holiday weekend? Productivity is not in the cards for me this week, and this includes the kitchen.

It started on Friday. I envisioned having ample time to prepare various delicious and fresh meals throughout this weekend but this lovely intention turned into a reality of leftovers and simple grilled offerings at BBQs. Though I did have time to make a summery version of my whole grain vegetable salad,with wheatberries. snap peas, carrots and feta (its time to put up some more preserved lemons!).

This is all to say that this week seems like a perfect one to focus on basics. A primer on eggs came to mind immediately, on account of their being a beloved culinary staple in most households and their versatility in meals throughout the day. And because most kids love them (sadly, though, not mine).

I recall having several “A HA!” moments when I came across a simple how-to guide in Saveur Magazine years ago providing specific instructions on how to make the perfect egg in every way possible. Hard-boiled eggs have never been better at our house, and I’m proud to say that after dozens of failed attempts, I can now poach an egg in a pan the old-fashioned way (no special device needed).

So you can imagine how happy I was to discover that all of this great technique to comes to us in the form of video. Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the Sustainable Ingredients page to learn more about how to decipher all of those confusing labels found on egg cartons these days.

Essential Egg Techniques (

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