What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?

The countdown to Thanksgiving is in full effect at our house, with both girls looking forward to what has become perhaps their favorite holiday of the year. Perhaps it is the ritual, the expectation of certain foods, the mellow family vibe, or the vacation from school. All of the above is most likely.

We do a potluck Thanksgiving with Jonah’s family, which means we’re off the hook for the turkey but deeply involved in all matters related to dessert, stuffing and cranberry sauce. We like to stick with the standards but this year, I’m taking things a new direction.

Instead of apple pie, I’m making David Lebovitz’s heavenly apple marzipan galette.

Pumpkin pie will likely become a tart this year, with this homemade graham cracker crust. I’m also be tempted to substitute creme fraiche for a part of the heavy cream that typically goes into the custard.

This stuffing is drawing my attention as a great base, with  handfuls of wild mushrooms, mushroom stock and fresh herbs as additions.

For cranberry sauce, I never stray too far from this classic Saveur recipe. Jalapeños have traditionally been excluded but who knows how I’ll feel next week?

Share your ideas and favorites!

4 thoughts on “What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?

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  2. roasted brussel sprouts….thinking of skipping the bacon /pancetta but not sure that will skimp on flavor? I am going to try Alice Water’s/Smitten Kitchen apple tarte…will check out DL’s…he has a pecan chocolate pie that looks tempting but sooo heavy….too many good recipes to choose from! thanks Lena!

    • I rarely do brussels sprouts with bacon these days, really only if I happen to have it on hand. My favorite is to either roast with lots of whole garlic cloves or a simple pan roast to caramelize then finish in the oven on fairly high heat. Finish with lots of salt and pepper, you can’t go wrong.
      I’ll take a look at Smitten/Alice’s apple tart. We might be doing a pecan pie too!

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