Annoucing New Blog Feature: Weekly Meal Plans

Happy 2012 to all of you! A lovely holiday break has left me feeling invigorated and ready for new adventures that this year will undoubtedly bring. But Tuesday’s return to reality was also a good reminder that its time to get my act together when it comes to cooking routines. My primary food resolution for this year? To be more organized about planning meals. And what better motivation to accomplish that than to commit to sharing those plans with you?

During the last couple of weeks, when dinner often meant socializing and celebrating, I found some much needed to space to reflect on why 5PM is the most dreaded time of day for me. I realized that half the battle of getting a satisfying dinner on the table – especially on weeknights when time is of the essence – is planning ahead. I’ve occasionally tried meal planning in the past but too often, it doesn’t last. This results in various inefficiencies and frustrations slipping into my routine – the lack of ideas, the repetitive meals, the extra grocery runs for that missing ingredient or two.

So. To inspire my family and yours, I decided to do a regular feature on seasonal meal plans, some featuring meat, some vegetarian. Expect to see these posts on Thursdays, to allow for weekend grocery shopping and planning. I’ll recommend a main course; you can assume that almost any side of vegetables will work as an accompaniment. School lunch ideas will also be included, as leftovers tend to be a big hit for my kids.

Let me know what you think!

January Meal Plan

Monday: Pasta dinner of your choice (given that its winter, this is a good option)

Tuesday: Split Pea Soup with Cornbread Muffins (this mix is super easy, my 8-year old can make them on her own)

LUNCH NOTE: Make a double recipe of the soup; freeze a batch and save the rest for hot lunch, with muffins on the side.

Wednesday: Miso Soup with Tofu; potstickers; sautéed vegetables; rice

LUNCH NOTE: Cook a few potstickers in the morning and send in a Thermos with rice and vegetables. Miso also if space allows.

Thursday: Beans, rice, and quesadillas

LUNCH NOTE: Beans and rice or beans and a quesadilla (or all three) work great for lunch.

Friday: Homemade grassfed burgers with salad and kale chips

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